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LED Signs for Schools and Universities

  The LED signs can display or loop the text in real time, graphics and picture information, with rich, good viewing, easy to change message, high brightness, stable and long life and many other benefits, are widely used in a variety of places such as finance, industry and commerce, posts and telecommunications, sports, advertising, business, transportation, education systems, stations, terminals, airports , shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities and so on. The use of the led school signs is also very extensive.

  The use of LED signs boards in schools is increasing, and it is used to publicize and communicate all kinds of notices, which greatly expands the intensity of propaganda and influence.

  First, the effect of LED school signs, Why is led school signs so prevalent in schools?

  The unique school LED display screen is inseparable, and the school's special environment inseparable.

  1, strengthen the school publicity: LED electronic signs has the characteristics of high brightness, low voltage, small power consumption, miniaturization, simple driving, long life and stable performance, led signs plays an important role in advertising industry. Now most schools or institutions, through the LED electronic signs to strengthen publicity. Help to strengthen the propaganda efforts of the school. traditional school's propaganda mostly depend on hanging banners or inkjet paper to carry out, and this traditional propaganda method is too simple, and the effect is not very good.

  LED signs effect is relatively good, easy to attract people's eyes, which is sensitive and changeable, rich content, conducive to the school to strengthen enrollment, personnel testing and other aspects of the publicity, is very good to show the school culture and strength.

  2. Information release: The use of LED school signs is mainly information release, school publicity, announcements, live broadcast and so on. it can show different content, so students more intuitive, more deeply feel the innovation of electronic signs.

  The most important thing is that we can change the content in time and accurately, and play a very important effect in the school information release.

  3. Save the publicity cost: banners or inkjet colored paper can not be reused. LED signs can be recycled features, hanging banners and stickers printing paper costs will be higher.

  led signs instead of the traditional publicity methods, not only can have effective publicity, but also can save a large part of the cost.

  Second, the use of led school signs application

  1, school gate propaganda: the school entrance LED signs is the most intuitive and direct response to the school spirit and image of the main window. school entrance LED signs requirements are relatively high. LED screen is usually set at the school gate most prominent position, real-time broadcast the latest developments of the school, as well as school ideas, themes, motto, etc. This has played a very important effect for the school.But the entrance of the gate LED signs should not affect the overall style of the school is appropriate, to be integrated with the school, coordination and consistency.

  2, school announcement boards: School announcement LED signs mainly published school news, school events, school celebrations and activities, and other content, instead of the traditional paste paper, banners and so on. LED signs can be completed rolling playback, information display is more convenient, illustrated propaganda methods, also let the students image in-depth, its publicity effect significantly.

  The school announcement board should be set up in the occasion of the teacher-student gathering, the school square, teaching building, the first floor hall, office building, such as the first floor hall, conducive to more timely and rapid information transmission.

  3, sports LED display in stadiums:stadiums led displays are more professional, usually as long as the main large-scale competitions or activities will be enabled, and once enabled is very intensive personnel, so LED display security requirements higher. The LED display can display the timing and scoring of the events in real time in the stadium, and can be completed in real time when the event is held.

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