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LED Signs for Sale:Outdoor LED Signs for business

  LED signs include indoor LED display and outdoor LED signs  according to the application environment, but the outdoor LED signs  is further subdivided,outdoor LED signs and semi-outdoor LED signs, led signs supplier share the difference between outdoor LED signs and semi-outdoor LED signs.

  1, outdoor LED signs must be waterproof and moisture, or else the circuit board water may be bad.

  2, outdoor LED signs brightness requirements are higher, semi-outdoor brightness are lower.

  3. outdoor LED signs  is made of a fully enclosed cabinet, with a high degree of protection; semi-outdoor is made of direct aluminum or a simple cabinet, and the protection level is low.

  4, outdoor LED signs  production is the glue after the kit, and semi-outdoor no glue, waterproof performance is not all outdoor good.

  5, outdoor LED signs in the summer high-temperature exposure, proper cooling measures, large area must be installed on the air conditioning heat.

  6, for the hanging position, font size, brightness, outdoor LED signs  must also be consider the reflective brightness, or daytime invisible words on the screen.

  7, screen size, appearance and communication requirements, etc., outdoor LED signs  and semi-outdoor or some differences, such as the size of the screen, subject to the scene environment, semi-outdoor screen area is generally not large, and outdoor LED signs  area is almost unlimited.

  8, outdoor LED signs  need to do full waterproof, semi-outdoor waterproof.

  9, the structure of the entire outdoor LED signs  also needs to do waterproof, while the semi-outdoor LED signs structure does not need to do waterproof .

  The above is the difference between the outdoor LED signs and the semi-outdoor LED signs. When you want to purchase led signs according to your actual usage.

       we provide high quality outdoor led signs features

  Supporting remote wireless and 3G/4G control management, one monitor center is able to control several LED Displays by computer.

  IP 65 Rigid And Waterproof Cabinet Design

  The thinner and lighter cabinet decreased the delivery and installation cost effectively.Special design structure exterior with IP65

  Superb Image an Control Performance

  Especially for displays under 30 square meter and with perimeter displays this results in highly improved image quality.

  Effective and Uniform Heat Dissipation

  With an operating temperature between -30C and 60C, our LED displays can be installed in any environment. They are able to operate near the sea where the temperatures can change rapidly and the air is humid and salt.

  Perfect Quality and Long-Time Stability.

  High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures that even the spectators far away from the screen can still enjoy it. Even under direct sunlight.Suitable for placing on high buildings.

  Economical and Power Saving Display

  We take many efforts on HD LED display, and have developed many methods to save more energy while operating.

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