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LED Screen UK:Large Outdoor LED Screen UK Supplier

  Outdoor LED screen has a wide advantage, advertising play time is long, easy to operate, viewers love, energy saving, more and more loved by businesses, want to buy a large outdoor led advertising screen, but don't know the price? led screen UK supplier share the advantages and prices of outdoor led screens for you.

  1. Wide coverage

  Outdoor LED screens are generally installed and installed in shopping malls and other areas where traffic is concentrated. Through high-frequency communication with the user community, it stimulates consumers' strong desire to purchase and increase brand awareness.

  2. Strong visual impact

  The large-sized, dynamic, audio-visual LED advertising can fully activate the audience senses, effectively convey information and guide consumption.

outdoor led display screen
  3. Long release period

  led screen UK supplier provide p10 p16 p20 high brightnees outdoor led screen:

  Outdoor LED advertising can be played around the clock. It's easier for the audience to see it. It can better guide the potential customers and enable them to achieve better publicity results with less cost.

  4 release information is simple and convenient

  By connecting to a computer via a data cable connection or a wireless communication method and setting it on a computer, advertising content can be published, which is convenient and fast.

  5. Energy saving and environmental protection

  The LED screen's light-emitting components are LEDs. Since the power of a single LED is very low, it is generally 0.04~0.08W, and the power is several times lower. The effect is much better. The material of the LED screen screen is the environmental protection material used, which belongs to the recyclable type and will not cause pollution and damage to the environment due to the large amount of use.

  6. Audience has a low rate of anti-sense

  Outdoor LED advertising can use real-time technology to broadcast programs to more audiences in real time. Including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV dramas, etc., with rich content, avoiding contact barriers caused by the conscious and active avoidance of advertising audiences.

  Other advantages:

  1, the response time is short. Adapt to frequent switching and high frequency operation.

  2, long service life. In normal use, its life can reach 100,000 hours.

  3, high security. Using low voltage DC supply voltage, the normal operating voltage is 5V.

  4, stable performance: 10 years of normal use of scrap rate is very small; normal use for about 5 years without maintenance.

outdoor led display screen
  High brightness and Brightness adjustment

  Outdoor D Series has been designed with high brightness and refresh rate, the image can still keep clearly under strong sunshine , which will greatly enhance the display effects of client’s advertising.With light-sensor control system, adjust the screen brightness automatically according to the environment light, power saved and environment protection, lower cost for running.

  Economical and Power Saving Display

  We take many efforts on LED display, and have developed many methods to save more energy while operating. New low voltage constant current driving IC saves over 30% energy.

  Remote wireless transmission

  With wireless data transmission module inside, on-time GPRS/3G data release function Control.

  IP 65 Waterproof Cabinet Design

  With modular cabinet design we support several pixel densities. This makes the installation process easier. IP65 waterproof grade.

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