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  How to choose the right shopping mall LED advertising screen? The shopping mall led screen has the advantages of image clear, low price, and cluster control. Of course,according to actual needs of the user and LED screen characteristics to choose, LED advertising screen manufacturer for you to share shopping mall LED advertising screen recommendations.

  shopping malls LED advertising display mainly play advertising promotions and other information, mainly display text information, requires low prices, so you can choose P10 outdoor led display; if you want a clear led display, you can use indoor P4, P5 full-color led display and Outdoor led screen P8, P10.

  In addition to the price, the purchase of LED displays requires the following three aspects:

  1, brightness

  The indoor general illumination environment is recommended to use the indoor screen; outdoor should use the outdoor screen; in the open hall, eaves, outdoor canopy or under the sunlight roof and other strong lighting environment, it is recommended to use semi-outdoor LED display;

  2, viewing distance

  LED screen display information content is not limited, but the content appears on a picture is limited. Different models of the best viewing distance is different, such as P8 led display screen, the best viewing distance of 8 to 27 meters, the viewing distance is less than 8 meters, the screen grainy is not clear; viewing distance of more than 30 meters, the screen area Not too big, the picture looks too small.

  3, display content

  If it is required to display video pictures, it is recommended to select the full-color display. Video images need at least 50,000 pixels to have a clear display.

  Display resolution (total pixel density) should be X(row)*Y(column)≥50000

  For example, the customer chose the P8 outdoor LED display. The pixel density (dot/square meter) is 15625, so at least 50000/115625=3.2 square meters is required to achieve the display effect.

  If you play text, data, tables, three-dimensional graphics, animation, then you should choose dual-base color grayscale display;

  If you play text, data, tables, two-dimensional graphics then you can choose dual-color LED display;

  If you play text, data, forms, then you can choose a monochrome display.

  The above is the LED video screen Sweden supplier for you to share on the shopping malls LED display,if you have any questions, free contact us.

shopping mall led screen

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