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LED Screen Rental South Africa Suppliers

  South Africa, located in the southern hemisphere, is rich in gold and diamonds. Diamonds are regarded as a national stone by South Africa and have the reputation of “the country of the rainbow”.
  LED screens have become an important part of the stage. With excellent performance and high cost performance, our rental led screens have been applied concerts, cultural performances, anniversary celebrations and other events.
LED screen rental South Africa

  This projects adopt led screen rental South Africa suppliers provide high-quality P4.81 indoor rental led display,which satisfies both the vertical and horizontal perfect synchronization stitching,the image is very clear.
  The stage background consists of a main screen and 4 piece of sub-screens, which form a large  stage screen, which is beauty, highlighting the fashion trend.,the stage presents a layered effect, with a unique visual element impact, creating a amazing!
LED screen rental South Africa

  P4.81 LED display can achieve seamless splicing,it also is a standardized light-weight die-casting aluminum cabinet design, which can be used indoors and outdoors, more flexibility; module front and rear maintenance; can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported,is suitable for large areas Rental and fixed installation applications.
  Large events in South African is more and more, rental LED displays have a bright future in the field of stage events. If you want to look for high quality and competice price led screen or other information,free contact led screen supplier now!

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