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LED Screen Belgium:IP65 Outdoor LED Display Belgium

  How to buy a reasonable price, good quality led screen? Buying a high-quality led display requires some common knowledge knowledge. The LED display screen manufacturer Belgium shares the protection level of the LED screen for you.

  The protection rating system classifies LED display screens according to their characteristics of dust protection, foreign matter intrusion, waterproof, and moisture resistance.

  The IP protection class is composed of two numbers. The first figure indicates the level of dust prevention and foreign objects intrusion of the full-color LED display; the second figure indicates the degree of moisture-proof and waterproof intrusion of the full-color LED display. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. Dust level (indicated by the first X), water level (indicated by the second X) The first X indicates the meaning of the digital code.

outdoor led display
  0: No protection

  1: Prevent large solid intrusion

  2: Prevent medium-sized solids from intruding

  3: Prevent small solids from intruding

  4: Prevent the entry of solids larger than 1mm

  5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation

  6: Completely prevent dust from entering

  The second X represents the meaning of the digital code

  0: No protection

  1: Drops of water dripping into the shell have no effect

  2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, water droplets drip into the shell without impact

  3: No influence of water or rain from the 60-degree corner to the housing

  4: Liquid splashed into the shell from any direction without harm

  5: Flush with water without any harm

  6: Can be used in the cabin environment

  7: Can withstand flooding in a short time (1m)

  8: Long time soaking under certain pressure

  Example: The LED display is labeled IP65, indicating that the product can completely prevent dust from entering and flushing with water without any damage. General outdoor LED display usually has higher requirements for protection level, because the use of outdoor full color LED display is often subject to the erosion of rain, direct sunlight, the erosion of dust and so on, so requires the relative indoor LED The display has a high degree of protection.

  If you want to buy IP65 outdoor LED screens, LED display suppliers Belgium provide p4, p5, p6, p8, p10 high quality outdoor led screens:

outdoor led display

  3G WiFi control

  Supporting remote wireless and 3G/4G control management, one monitor center is able to control several LED Displays by computer.

  IP 65 Rigid And Waterproof Cabinet Design

  The unique waterproof design is highly dust and waterproof and is able to be directly installed outdoor.Special design structure exterior with IP65 certi?cation.The cabinets are moisture and corrosion proof. Ready to work in all weather conditions.

  Economical and Power Saving Display

  Compared with traditional LED display, our new designed HD & energy saving display is more cost effective to operate and has better visual images.

  Effective and Uniform Heat Dissipation

  With an operating temperature between -30C and 60C, our LED displays can be installed in any environment. They are able to operate near the sea where the temperatures can change rapidly and the air is humid and salt.

  Superb Image an Control Performance

  Virtual pixel technology. The resolution is able to increase 4 times with the same amount of LEDs. Especially for displays under 30 square meter and with perimeter displays this results in highly improved image quality.

  Perfect Quality and Long-Time Stability.

  High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures that even the spectators far away from the screen can still enjoy it.

       Tips:more p4, p5, p6, p8, p10 high quality outdoor led screens detailed specification

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