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LED Screen Applications:Video Wall Usage

  led screen is divided into indoor and outdoor led display screen, more and more popular, LED full-color display is mainly used in advertising media, stadiums, stage background, municipal engineering, etc., and small pixel pitch led screen is still open up traffic, broadcast market, LED screen Australia suppliers explain in detail the application of the led display screen.

  led screen are mainly used in field:

  1, stadium information release. led screen as the main means of game information display and live broadcast of the game has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display screens, becoming a attractive game facility in modern sports venues.

  2. Road traffic information display. The rise of the Intelligent Effectiveness System (ITS) has been widely adopted in the areas of city efficiency, highways, etc., and LED traffic screens have shown that people are used as variable information boards and speed limit signs.

  3, port, station passenger guidance information display. The display of information systems and broadcasting systems mainly composed of non-governmental organizations, train arrival and departure revealing systems, ticketing information systems and other automatic systems that constitute passenger terminals constitutes an important part of the domestic railway station and port technology development and transformation.

  4. The exhibition, led screen screen as one of the important services provided by the organizer of the exhibition, providing paid services to exhibitors, there are some professional leasing companies with large led screen abroad, and some large-scale Manufacturers provide rental services.

  5, dispatch command center information display. Power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle height adjustment management, etc. are also gradually adopting high-density LED large-screen displays.

  6, securities trading, financial information display. The LED large-screen display in this field has accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand for led screen screens in previous years, and there is still a large demand.

  7, advertising media new products. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor led screen as advertising media, cluster led screen advertising system, train LED advertising display publishing system has also been adopted and is being promoted.

  8, airport flight dynamic information display. Civil aviation airport construction is very clear about the requirements of the residence display. The LED large led display  screen is the preferred product of the flight information display system (FIDS).

  9. Performances and rallies. Large-scale LED stage displays are increasingly used for live broadcast of public and political purposes. For example, during major festivals such as the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the new millennium celebrations around the world, large-scale led screens are playing live and advertising information. The area has played an outstanding role.

  10. Business promotion and information display in service areas such as postal services, telecommunications, shopping centers and shopping malls.

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