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LED School Signs:Electronic Signs for Schools

  Electronic signs for schools have many advantages,such as strengthen school publicity,timely and accurate release information and save the cost of propaganda.so Why not install the electronic signs for schools?

  electronic signs for schools advantages:

  1. electronic signs for schools is helpful to strengthen school publicity

  Most schools’ propaganda is based on hanging banners. The traditional way of propaganda is too single and the effect is not very good. On the contrary, LED electronic signs are relatively easy to attract people's attention because of its good lighting effect, and the effect of publicity will be very good. It is helpful for schools to strengthen their publicity in recruiting and personnel examinations.

electronic signs for schools

  2,electronic signs for schools release information

  The use of LED signs in schools is mainly information publishing, promotion, notifications, live broadcasts and other aspects. The LED signs has the characteristics of being sensitive and changeable. It can display different contents, allowing students to intuitively and deeply feel the innovation of electronic signs. The most important thing is that the content can be delivered in a timely and accurate, which has played a major role in the dissemination of school information.

  3,electronic signs for schools is helpful to save the cost of propaganda

  Because of hanging banners and printing  paper, the effect is not very good. Secondly, these banners or colored paper cannot be secondary used. Therefore, compared to the LED electronic signs can be recycled, the costs of hanging banners and printing paper will be even higher. However, if the school electronic signs to replace the past publicity methods, it will not only have better publicity, but also save a large cost of publicity.

  School LED signs system

  Mainly includes six major parts: LED signs, LED signs control system, LED signs information processing system, LED signs power distribution system, LED signs security protection system, LED signs structure frame engineering.

  LED signs: includes outdoor LED signs cabinets, or indoor LED displays module;

  LED signs control system: includes LED signs control card, sending card, communication network cable or optical fiber and matching adapter or wireless transmission module, etc.

  LED signs information processing system: includes video processor, external device conversion section, such as DVD\nonlinear editor, audio, TV signal set-top box and other equipment

  LED signs screen power distribution system: includes led signs distribution box and built-in remote power-on module for over-current, over-voltage, overload protection

  LED signs security system: includes the following parts:

  n anti-high temperature; dust, moisture;

electronic signs for schools

  n Anti-noise pollution;

  n Wind and rain;

  n Anti-reflective, sun protection and animal shock prevention

  n Prevent lightning strikes;

  n Anti-overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, etc.;

  n Three defenses;

  n Shockproof function.

  LED signs structure frame engineering: includes the design and manufacture of steel frame structures, the installation and frame of LED cabinets

  School led signs screen recommended

  School indoor LED screen is commonly used indoor P2.5 full color led displys, P3 full color led displys, indoor P4 full color led displys, indoor P5 school full color led displys; school outdoor LED signs is commonly used outdoor led signs P6, p8,p10.

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