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LED School Signs:Electronic Marquee Signs for Schools

  LED signs can loop text, graphics and image information in real time, with rich content, strong viewing, easy content modification, high brightness, stability and long life, etc. LED signs is also widely used in campus. What are the advantages of LED school signs?

  1. Publicity and popularization of knowledge: Through led display screen, various kinds of knowledge about the school's rules and regulations, as well as common knowledge of teachers and students' life can be broadcast to enhance teachers' and students' ideological awareness.


  2, Facilitate the audience: through the LED electronic signs located in a suitable place in the school can play a variety of content for sports activities, for example:

  1. Show the names of the teams currently playing, live scores, countdowns, etc.

  2, show the game progress, such as the second half or the first few quarters;

  3. Show the number of fouls and the total number of fouls of the entire team during the game;

  4, shows the request for substitution or suspension and so on.

  3. Public service advertisements: The following contents can be played through the led screen:


  1. School Regulations and Rules for Civilized Teachers and Students;

  2. Introduction to the school, school training, school propaganda slogans, and the purpose of the school;

  3. Broadcast the important news of the government;

  4, weather forecast;

  5. Publicity slogans of the government, etc.

  4. Information release: Through led display screen, various classes, teachers and various activities of the school can be released, notifications of various activities and advanced personal and collective deeds, etc., to improve teachers and students' ethical and cultural qualities.

  5. Commercial advertisements: Schools can use pre-game and interplay time to play VCD commercials or image and text propaganda materials of sponsors and major companies when hosting major events; they can also let the screen play during the competition. advertising. Under good operation, it can create considerable economic benefits. At the same time, it can openly welcome all sectors of society to come to schools to hold various activities at the right time. This way, schools can rent electronic displays and places to use with each other. This not only expands the division. The vision of life and the improvement of the visibility of the school also brought a considerable amount of income to the school. Play a double-edged sword effect.

  6. Concealing atmosphere: When the school organizes various activities, the outdoor digital marquee signs can be used to broadcast greetings for leaders or VIPs attending the opening ceremony or various events, wishes for games or events, gratitude to sponsors, and major events , celebrations of important festivals, etc.

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