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LED Hospital Signs,LED Signs For Hospital

  LED signs for hospital, a variety of information signs media, which can display text, image information ,required high refresh fast, rich color, stability.led hospital signs is mainly used to video and information release, any failure will cause the mood fluctuations of the audience, resulting in adverse consequences so led signs should be stable, reliable in the operation!
  This requires in the design, production, installation the quality of led signs in the first place, with an effective quality system to ensure the entire process, fully consider the environment, temperature, electromagnetic interference and other factors on led signs and system impact, so that led hospital signs to achieve high standards of operation.
  Hospital LED signs function:
  1, play the role of public convenience
led hospital signs

  through the hospital Hall in a prominent position of the electronic signs can play the following content: 1, the name of the drug, price, origin and so on; all kinds of examination and operation of the charge standard, patients in hospital, check the procedures for processing flow chart and the location of the hospital departments of the distribution map and functions; The hospital and each department chief physician, attending physician's briefing; The list of physicians attending the hospital, and the relevant information of the invited experts to take the doctor,The new hospital Service project introduction, the hospital's "service pledge" and so on.
  2, play the role of public affairs.
  Through led hospital signs can play the hospital's fee, drugs, equipment procurement and engineering construction, decoration and other tenders and expenses.
  3, play the role of publicize the relevant laws and regulations.
  Through led hospital signs can play "medical personnel operating norms", "Medical ethics", "Service Code of conduct" and so on.
  4, play the role of universal health care knowledge.
led signs for hospital

  Through led hospital signs can play "Patient Information", "Maternity Notice", "Baby Care", "nutrition recipes" and so on.
  5, play the role of bulletin board.
  Through led hospital signs can play lectures, meetings and other notices, work arrangements and advanced collectives, the individual's Hall of Fame and deeds.
  6, play a role in public service advertising.
  Through led hospital signs can play the weather forecast, hospital propaganda slogan and important news and so on.
  7, play the role of foil atmosphere.
  Through led hospital signs can play superior leadership and a variety of VIP visits, guidance of the welcome words, the patient's wishes, a variety of major festivals and other celebration words.

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