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LED Displays,Signs For Auto Dealer

  If you run an auto sales or repair business and are looking to attract more customers, why not give yourself a led display signs?

  led display signs has become one of the most popular forms of advertising and outreach among auto dealers, and it's easy to see why.  LED displays are cost-effective, versatile, and can be used virtually anywhere in your dealership - both indoors and outdoor!  led signs make your shop modern and attractive, while giving you far more power to communicate with your customers.

led display for auto dealer

  Let's take a look at some of the ways that LED display for auto dealers to improve their business!

  Advertise your daily specials in style!  Whether it's an additional trade-in bonus or discounts on oil changes, a digital window display can tell everyone passing by about your latest specials, and the messaging can be changed whenever you like or have a new special to announce.

  Show off the latest models!  Since images on large outdoor led displays can be changed at will, whenever you get more cars on the lot, you can start advertising them immediately!  Take a picture, upload it to your sign, and wait for a buyer to fall in love.

led display for auto dealer

  Attract more traffic from the road!  Especially if you deal in car repair, you know the importance of bringing in new business off the highway.  LED signs are brighter, sharper, and easier to see from the road than any other illuminated sign you can use.  Even in full daylight, people will see your message before they see any of your competitors' signs.

  Keep your messaging constant indoors!  LED Signs isn't only for the outside of your auto dealership.  Pick up some indoor led displays and place them around the inside of your shop and showroom.  Display the specs on cars.  Announce wait times for service procedures.  Keep your customers in the loop at all times.

  Leverage video.  One feature of digital signs that cannot be matched by any other is the ability to play full-frame, full-motion video.  Why simply show pictures when you could instead show your cars off in real style?  Make your own videos or use clips from manufacturers to really pull in new leads.

led display for auto dealer

  Guide visitors around your lot.  Do you have an extensive lot or several buildings?  LED variable message signs can be used to guide customers around your premise, and smaller one-line displays are perfect for leading visitors on foot around your various departments.

  LED Signs Pay You Back

  All these benefits might be enough to convince auto dealers to switch, but there's one more important aspect to led signs:  it uses vastly less power than other illuminated signs.  An LED sign uses approximately one-tenth as much electricity as standard incandescent lights.

  So, when you can do all this AND save coet on your power bill at the end of the day, it seems clear why auto dealers are investing in led signs.

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