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LED Display Site Survey Guideline

  LED display is a custom product,include the whole control system, from pre-sales to after-sale installation and maintenance, require LED display manufacturers to provide customers with technical services.LED display suppliers to share some knowledge before the sale of on-site survey need to pay attention:
  First, before the site investigation, we need to communicate with the user to understand the specific requirements:
  1, the type and size of led display.
  2, installation environment.
  3, display content and mode.
  4, the method of communication.
  Second, the site survey content:
  1, led screen installation location, installation methods (pls see led display screen installation type). according to the specific size of led display, confirm the installation site has obstacles to prevent the installation. In the case of a embed installation, the reserved slot is suitable; if the wall has the decorative clapboard, must inquire with the user to be clear the wall condition, if the pillar installs, must understand the geology condition clearly.
  2, the on-site power supply. The capacity of the computer room or AC transformer, whether the cable needs to be reset, or whether the wire diameter of the arranged cable is up to the requirement, if the single-phase electricity, whether there is grounding wire, if three-phase electricity, whether three-phase five lines.For rewiring, the power cord length of the site needs to be accurately measured.
  3, understand the control position , communication line is smooth. The length of the communication line required at the site, and whether there are other devices that need to be connected to the led display control or to understand the switching mode of the field signal channel; If the user does not understand anything, at least need to understand the user's application needs, especially the led theater screen . If the user has wiring, ask whether the length and quantity of wiring is appropriate; The normal synchronous system uses the network cable should be below 120 meters.There must be a standby on both the network cable and the fiber quantity.
  4, need to carry tools, such as tape or laser ruler. Scaffolding is required or provided by the user.Whether the computer is provided by the user.
  5, external environment. indoor led displays installation need to pay attention to moisture, outdoors led signs installed need to pay attention to waterproof protection measures details; if the location near the sea, by chemical plants, air salt, alkali, acid degree. outdoor led screen also needs to the viewing distance, display height, and sun orientation.
  6, all the situation as far as possible with the camera to take pictures, different angles and different details in place.
  7, whether has the special request, has the special request the circumstance, whether can realize as well as the engineering difficulty.
  8, if the business is responsible for the construction, but also to understanding local steel market and building materials market specific.
  Third, outdoor LED display must be considered in particular issues:
  1,Outdoors LED display installed, often rain, wind blowing dust cover, poor working environment.If the electronic equipment is wet or severely damp, it will cause short circuit and even fire, causing trouble and even fires, resulting in loss.
  2,Outdoor LED display may be caused by lightning strong electric strong magnetic attack.
  3,The environment temperature changes greatly.

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