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LED Display Signs System

Want to buy high performance LED signs, first need to know the LED panel system components to avoid falling into the shopping error. In simple terms, the LED signs has six main components, including LED modules, power supply, control cards, wiring, power cable and led control cards.LED signs manufacturers to share the knowledge of the LED panel system.

led signs system
Tips:how to diy assemble a LED display screen

1, Power supply
led signs system supply power

Power supply is generally used in switching power supply, 220V input, 5V DC output. Need to point out, because the LED signs is a precision electronic equipment, so to use switching power supply, can not use transformers. For the single Red indoor 64x16 LED module, when all bright, the current is 2A. Deduce that when the 128x16 double-color screen is fully, the current is 8A.You should select a 5v 10A switching power supply.

2.,LED Module
led signs system led module
LED module is the main component of LED signs, led light-emitting diode and drive circuit, drive IC and plastic kit.LED module is divided into two major categories. SMD or DIP module.

The characteristics of the indoor led displays: High image clarity, color and rich, outdoor and semi-outdoor module board features: high brightness, waterproof, rich color.

3, Wired

Divided into data lines, transmission lines, and power cable. The cable is used to connect the control card and the Led module's line, and the transmission line is used to connect the control card and the computer. Power cables are used to connect power and control cards, power supplies and led modules.The copper core diameter of the power cable connecting the LED module is not less than 1mm (mm).

4, Control Card

led signs system led control card

if you use of Low-cost led screen control card, you can control the 1/16 sweep of the 256x16 point of double-color screens, you can assemble the most cost advantage of the LED screen.

The control card is an asynchronous card, that is to say, the card can be powered down to save information, do not need to connect the PC can display the information stored inside. When purchasing LED module, please inquire clearly the parameter, 100% compatible LED module has: 08 interface 4.75mm Point Distance 64 point wide x16 Point High, 1/16 sweep indoors brightness. Single and double red Two-color 08 Interface 7.62mm Point from 64 points wide x16 Point high, 1/16 sweep indoor brightness.

Single and double red Two-color 08 Interface 7.62mm Point distance 64 points wide x16 Point high, 1/16 sweep half outdoor brightness.

5, Power cable

The power cable is divided into 220V power cords and 5V power cords. 220V power cord is used to connect the switching power supply to the mains, preferably with 3 pin plugs, which can be bought in hardware stores. Here focuses on 5V DC power cord, due to the 5V current is relatively large, preferably with copper core diameter in 1mm above the red-black pair line (must be red and black).If you have the conditions, it is best to put metal pieces on both ends of the line.

6, Accessories production

data cable line and computer box inside the data line is similar, but the width of the line is different. Make line, need a tool, is special pliers, can greatly improve work efficiency and yield. The material to make the line is: line, thread, row cap. Note here that if you make a 16PIN (16 line) line, you need to buy 16PIN lines and corresponding size of the line of thread and cap. The production steps, the thread with scissors, and then put the head row of thread, (pay attention to line and head balance), and then put into the center of the crimping pliers, pressure tight, and then the line around to install line caps. Line caps are important to effectively protect the line, so that the line is more solid, do not save.

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