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LED Display Power Supply Number Calculation

  LED display power is generally 5V.if connect the positive or negative is right will not have any problems in the board power supply seat 5V and GND, note that the positive and negative can not be reversed.
  LED Display power supply number calculation: (Power is 30A and 40A,  8 piece of signle color modules needs 1 piece of 40A power supply, 6 piece of  Two-color module need 1 piece of power supply; If the full color led display module is according to the maximum power to calculate)

        Tips:How to Calculate LED Screen Power Consumption
  A. A power supply can control the number of modules = Power voltage * Power current/module horizontal pixel points/module longitudinal pixel points/0.1/2 ,for example: Semi-outdoor p10:5v 40A power: 5*40/(32*16*0.1/0.5) =7.8 take a large 8;
  B. According to the total power of led screen to calculate the number of power = average Power/power supply (power supply voltage * Power current) For example:if a p10 signle color led screen total need 36 modules ,So the number of power=32*16*0.1*36*0.5/5/40=4.6 Take large (5 power supply)
  C. Full color led display Power calculation : The formula of power is P=UI;P is the power, U is voltage, I is the current, For example: Customers buy 9 square meters of indoor P5 dual-color led displays, calculate the maximum power. First to calculate the number of 40A power supply =9 (0.244*0.488)/6=12.5=13 chip power supply (to integer, to large as the standard), the most high-power p=13*40a*5v=2600w. Single Lamp power = one lamp power 5v*20ma=0.1w led display Module power = Single Lamp power * Resolution (horizontal pixel points * longitudinal pixel points)/2 screen The maximum power of the BODY = screen Resolution * Per resolution light number *0.1 screen body average power = screen Body Resolution * per resolution LAMP number *0.1/2 Actual power of LED screen = Screen Resolution * Number of *0.1/scans per resolution light (4 sweep, 2 sweep, 16 sweep, 8 sweep, static)

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