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How to Clean Outdoor LED Displays

  Outdoor LED display in the use a period time, there will be dust, impurities, dirt attached to led display screen, if not done cleaning, will be negative the normal operation of LED display, even can lead to the destruction of LED display.
  Therefore,outdoor LED display needs to be regularly cleaned to ensure effect. LED Display screen cleaning is high-altitude maintenance, need to be equipped with professional cleaning team.
  The cleaning operation uses the high altitude hanging rope way, with the specialized cleaning equipment, the cleaning personnel according to led screen different dirt choose different detergent to targeted cleaning, ensures that does not damage the LED lamp and the mask the premise completes the outdoor LED screen cleaning work. LED screen cleaning is to remove the accumulation of dust and impurities, how to clean the outdoor LED display?Cleaning LED Display advice:
  First, purchase a better quality cleaning kit, cleaning fluid costs generally include electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, anti-static liquid, etc., can be effective cleaning the LED display dust and other stains on the mark.
  Second, some people think that water can also do, but also will not affect the outdoor LED display.In fact,the cleaning effect  is poorer, and the dust will be attached again.
  At the same time need to note that the water should not be sprayed on the led screen, can be a little cleaning liquid spray on the cleaning cloth, then gently along the same direction to wipe.
  Outdoor LED display cleaning and maintenance steps:
  Step one: Dust absorption.First suction Remove the LED display mask surface dirt and dust;
  Step two: Wet wash.The use of water spray and steam humidification spray screen mask, with the soft brush on the dust tube mask to scrub, the dirt clean brush;
  Step three: drying. Use vacuum cleaner to absorb the wet and dry wash left after the water drops and traces, to ensure that led display screen mask clean and dust-free.

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