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How To Choose LED Screen Pixel Pitch

  For users that the first time to buy LED screen , how to choose the LED screen is a confused thing.In fact, understand the key indicators of LED screen, according to your own needs, you can easily make a choice, led screen manufacturer share how to choose LED screen pixel pitch.
  The point spacing of the LED screen refers to the distance between the near two pixels, which reflects the pixel density. Point spacing and pixel density belong to the physical properties of the screen. The smaller the point spacing, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity per unit area can be screened at once, the closer the distance is suitable for viewing.
  The larger the point spacing, the lower the pixel density, the less information capacity per unit area can be screened at once, and the farther the distance is suitable for viewing. you can make a choice based on your installation environment.
  The visual distance and total pixel points of the LED screen are two important considerations. The  visual range, that is, people standing in the distance from the screen to watch will feel better and more comfortable.
  You can use formulas to calculate:Tips:LED Screen Viewing Distance Calculator
  Best visual distance = point spacing/(0.3~0.8) ,Of course, this is only a ballpark. For example, point spacing 16mm led screen, the best visual distance is 20~54 meters, the station distance is closer than the minimum distance, you can tell the screen of a pixel point, standing far away, the eye can not distinguish the characteristics of the details. In fact, this is also a approximate distance.
  For example, our LED screen from the audience at 10-40 meters, the selection point spacing of 10mm pixel spacing is the most appropriate. Outdoor LED screen, near-distance viewing, generally using P18 or P10, far more than the use of P16 or P20.and indoor led screen, the general choice of P4~P6 ,more far to use P6.66 or P10. In addition, the total pixel points of the LED screen is also an important indicator. Because the commonly used video, such as DVD can reach 576p resolution, High-definition 720p, and Full HD can reach 1080p level.
  choose LED screen, the minimum resolution level recommended not less than 576p to ensure the screen effect. For the text and pictures led screen based on the single dual-color LED screen, the resolution requirements are slightly lower, can be based on size, minimum font, screen text volume and other factors to consider synthetically.

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