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How to Choose LED Display Driver IC

  LED display has many advantages of high energy-saving, long life, environmental protection.it is used almost everywhere - from restaurants to retail stores, banks, business offices, government institutions, churches and more.how to choose a good LED display driver chip is very important. No good driver IC, No good led display.
led display drive IC

  The LED display has the following requirements on the low voltage drive chip:
  1, The standard input voltage range of the drive chip should meet the DC 8~40v to cover the wider application.
  2, The output current of the drive chip must keep constant, so that the LED display can be stabilized and will not flicker.
  3, The standard output current of the drive chip is more than 1.2~1.5A.
  4, The driving chip resistance  EMI, noise and high pressure is also related to LED display can be successfully passed CE, UL and other certification, so the design of the driving chip to choose the advanced topology and high-pressure production process.
  5, The package of the drive chip should be advantageous to the fast cooling of the core of the driving chip, and the physical heat dissipation structure of the chip itself is very important.
  6, The drive chip's own power consumption requirements less than 0.5W, switching frequency requirements greater than 120Hz, so as to avoid the occurrence of the frequency of interference to produce visible flashes.
  The above six points demonstrate that led display drive chip to the innovation design development. LED display is inseparable from the driver chip, so the need for multi-function LED display driver IC.

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