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How Much Does a Church LED Sign Cost

  Church led sign can be an effective communication tool between you and your believers, which can attract new people to your church,you may be wondering what is the cost of church led signs? In fact, led church signs cost is very different, let us understand the factors affecting the price.

  outdoor church led sign


  Text pictures or video? Whether you change manually or WIFI network, As mentioned above, if your church led signs is only used to display letters and messages, which can save a lot of money. If you want to control your led signs by WIF, the cost will increase.


  Church led signs need a variety of materials, if you choose a simple plastic frame, the cost may not need too much, but when you choose durable materials, the price will be higher,if you choose steel structure the average cost will be higher.

  Signs complexity

  The complexity of custom-made led church signs can also affect the final cost. If you want your led display to have more function and playback formats, not just display text or images but also video, the final cost may be higher. FINE PIXEL LED, Top China outdoor LED display manufacturer, you only provide your ideas, we can customize led signs according to your needs.

  Customized or inventory

  Obviously, customized church led signs often cost more than pre-designed inventory signs. For example, you may need to customize such as power supply, control card, function or size, etc.

  Operating cost

  Before you want to buy a led church signs, please take time to consider the operating cost of your led signs, energy saving outdoor led signs help to save the cost of electricity, but may be more expensive So you need to  estimate the relationship between led signs cost and electricity cost.

  Installation and other costs

  Finally, when you choose a church led sign, make sure that you know shipping and installation costs. When you are looking for the most reasonable and cheap led signs manufacturer, please consider shipping and installation costs. In addition to installation, you should also know the warranty time, professional led sign manufacturer to assure that you don't have to worry about the defect time of the product, they are willing to fix it for you.

  Led church signs are an indispensable investment, you should choose a professional led signs company,which can guide you to find the right led signs according to your needs, answer all your questions, so that you can accurately understand how different materials, sizes, functions and other factors will affect church led signs cost. For more information, please contact us today.

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