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HD LED Display

  Command and control center is as the core place,which play a very important role in public transportation, urban management and other departments. Through HD LED display control system, the large and multi-channel monitoring information can be flexible display in a led screen to realize information sharing, command and scheduling.

  Recently,The Traffic Command Center was successfully installed with FINE PIXEL LED HD LED display. The system has high brightness, high resolution and high intelligent advantages,which also supports multi-channel signal access.

  FINE PIXEL LED self-developed HD LED display has good display effect and competitive cost,it is suitable for command center, public transportation and command system, radio and television broadcasting center, conference.

  Good heat dissipation ,easy to disassemble and install

  FINE PIXEL LED HD LED display has high temperature and humid environment tolerance,adopts integrated anti-oxidation aluminum-cast cabinet to improve temperature, UV and stress resistance of led display; our HD LED display Support a variety of installation methods, such as: floor, hanging, and wall-mounted etc;

  High refresh, fast response time

  FINE PIXEL LED fine pixel pitch LED display adopts nanosecond display technology to reach high refresh, eliminate the tailing of led screen,when dealing with fast dynamic pictures, viewers can see consistent and clear images, which has great advantages in broadcasting system;

  Low light, high gray, no seams, vivid colors

  FINE PIXEL LED small pixel pitch LED display with high contrast, high-quality LED lamp and smooth surface, which also enhancing the contrast to archive the color performance, ultra-wide, richer colors, reaching the broadcast-level standard, point-by-point brightness correction, the brightness of led screen can be kept highly consistent and vivid colors;

  FINE PIXEL LED is top China led screen manufacturer,we improve the quality and stability of HD LED display screen, and customizes LED led display solutions for various industries,for fine pixel pitch LED displays,we have mature point-by-point correction techniques. FINE PIXEL LED have a professional marketing team for all the country, 7×24 hours service, we also produce all kinds of outdoor and indoor led display,rental led display and trailer led display,if you need led screen,contact us today!

  HD LED video wall
  HD LED video wall

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