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Good Advertising LED Display Screen Pixel Pitch

  Good Advertising LED Display Screen Pixel Pitch

  Many people may not know about pixel pitch of led screen. outdoor LED display model has P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20, for these types, how do we choose?

  How to choose the right pixel pitch what we need, LED display manufacturers share our experience over the years.

  1, according to the viewing distance:

  P generally represents pixel pitch, and the value behind P mainly refers to the distance between two LEDs, which we usually call the point spacing.the smaller the point pitch, the higher the pixel points, the clearer the picture, the more suitable for close viewing, and the more expensive.

  Therefore, LED display manufacturers recommend that if the distance is very near, generally using P6 or P8, if the distance is more far, using P10 or P12, or  P16 or P20.

  2, according to the area:

  Area less than 10 square meters, and sufficient budget, it is recommended to use P6 outdoor high-definition LED display, area 10~20㎡, P8 outdoor led  display.

  Area in 20~100㎡, viewing distance of 10 meters away, it is recommended to use P10 Full-color led advertising screen, the area is greater than 100 ㎡, viewing distance of 30 meters away, P16 outdoor led screen.

  P20 and other full color led screen for the definition is not high, and LED display area, a simple display of video images of customers.

  Through the above analysis: the farther the viewing distance, LED screen area will certainly be larger, LED screen clarity requirements are not very high, so choose the quite large pixel pitch, of course, if the budget is comfortable, you can also choose small pixel pitch led screen, but the cost is much higher, not cost-effective. Currently, the most common outdoor LED display models are P10 and P8. Therefore, for outdoor LED display pixel pitch, according to your actual requirements, combined with screen size, budget and other considerations, the most appropriate is the best.

  Outdoor LED Display Features:

  The box design of led module adopts high temperature spraying technology, which greatly enhances the antirust function.

  The flatness of the module installation surface is controlled in positive and negative 0.2mm, the whole screen flatness is good.

  The color uniformity of the display screen is very good.

  The circuit board uses the wave soldering technology, has the green oil oxygen-isolating layer, prevents the line the damp, the oxidation, enhances the service life.

  The use efficiency of led screen switching power supply is greatly improved and the power failure rate is reduced.

  Module  use of high-quality imported glue for potting, back waterproof rubber ring, improve the waterproof performance of the display, with IP65 level above the high-performance waterproof, dustproof ability.

  All-weather , adapt to all kinds of outdoor harsh environment.

  outdoor advertising LED display is widely used in municipal place, financial services venues, guesthouses, office buildings, public service venues and other outdoor environment.

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