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Energy Saving LED Display

  FINE PIXEL LED, one of the top China high-end led display manufacturers,just got a new order of around 1800 sqm OB series efficient energy outdoor led displays from our clients in North America, which showed that our outdoor led display are high quality and efficient energy products in the market.
  OB series outdoor led screens are widely used for various outdoor advertising,premier led display;
  FINE PIXEL LED led display ranges from indoor HD led wall( IU Series, IH Series), flexible rental led displays ( RC、RS and RH series), outdoor front maintenance led display (OF series) and OB series,we have professional teams can provide various solutions of led displays and pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.
  Recently, the results of the "2018 China top digital AV system"  event sponsored by "Visual" magazine have been released. FINE PIXEL LED won a gold award because of its efficient energy system solutions.
  FINE PIXEL LED has won the "The best enterprise" in AV industry,FINE PIXEL LED has large factory area and top digital experimental institute,The products cover indoor and outdoor led screen, LED advertising screen, stage led screen, transparent led screen, trailer led screen, fine pixel pitch led screen,sharing the leading position in the China and world markets.
  FINE PIXEL LED,which has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of LED displays, which provide customers with a full range of product solutions.welcome your inquiry!
  outdoor energy saving led display

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