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Dubai LED Screen Rental,LED Video Wall Rental In Dubai

  Whether it’s outdoor or indoor events in Dubai? Great large led video screen that can match any of your requirements. From latest P3 to P6 screens, we have so many LED screens projects around world. Our company has creative solutions for each clients that need led screen.

        Excellent display
  The led wall rental series have clear image and seamless stitching, high contrast, good uniform color and brighter colors.
  Thin and light cabinet
  The led wall rental series have a single cabinet weight of less than 8 kg. It is very lightweight and thin, which can significantly improve the convenience and efficiency of on-site installation,but the cabinet pull test has a safety factor of ten times, and it can easily fast to customers' various stacking and lifting events.
led video wall rental
  Arc shape design
  The led wall rental series cabinet supports both flat and curved shapes with curvatures of ±7.5°, ±5°, ±2.5°, 0°
led video wall rental
  Multiple installation methods
  1. Wall mounting: The special screw hole design of the cabinet, which can realize wall mounting and greatly reduce installation space.
led video wall rental
  2. Support stacking and lifting
led video wall rental
  Front and rear maintenance
  The led wall rental series supports front and back installation and maintenance, and can easily solve various installation location to improve efficiency.
led video wall rental

  Module universal design
  The led wall rental series module size is 250mm*500mm, regardless of the upper and lower modules, can be universal, can significantly improve maintenance and installation efficiency, saving cost.
led video wall rental
  If you're interested in more led video wall rental detailes, contact led screen supplier for more information!

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