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Customized Outdoor LED School Signs Wholesale

  The LED school signs can scroll and display bright and varied texts, pictures and videos and quickly transmit all kinds of information to the teachers and students.which can also display the campus culture and the strength of the school. And compared to the banner and inkjet, the LED display screen that can change the content at any time, not only save cost,but also more environmentally friendly.

  FINE PIXEL LED provide high quality and attractive price school led signs for you,No matter where you are, no matter what problem you have, you can get our help for free and quickly!

  Our outdoor led school signs system feature:

  Outdoor programable led signs,support customized led signs;

  High brightness more than 6500/nit,high waterproof can reach IP65;

  Supporting remote wireless,computer and 3G/4G control management;

  Widely pixel pitch from 4mm to 16mm;

  Energy saving,more cost effective;

  Reliable and stable performance;

  Outdoor school led signs project:

led school signs

outdoor led school signs

led signs for school

school outdoor led display signs

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