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  Due to the needs of the market, custom LED Signs have become popular. What are the characteristics of custom LED Sign? Which LED signs are more suitable for customization?

  Custom LED Sign features

  1.Shaped LED  screen

  This includes traditional LED Signs, such as: arcs, spheres, cylinders and other shapes. As the structures are different from each other, the technical requirements for LED Sign manufacturers are also more stringent. If the technology is not perfect, the spliced LED screen will have many problems such as uneven seams and unfavorable appearance caused by discontinuous stitches, which will damage the overall design and poor viewing results.

  2. LED transparent screen

  Can also be used as a curved, canopy and other shapes. The size of the LED transparent display screen also have strict regulations, and there should be no deviation. Depending on the scene, it is not a model, so it cannot be copied. Throughout the LED transparent display manufacturing industry chain - including custom modeling, in many cases is not a sentimental decision. Fully consider the special scenes when the screen is running, special applications, including custom LED chips with a certain "exclusive function", details of processing, to achieve a distinctive display of the packaging, splicing technology.

  3.flexible LED screen
flexible led signs

  The main features of flexible screen are bending and folding, flexible and suitable for various application. our flexible foldable led screen has been applied in many cases at home and abroad, including building advertising, 3D modeling, spherical and so on.

  Customized LED Sign manufacturers

  The concept of customized LED Signs has a long history, but due to the higher level of customization for the company's standards, there are not many led signs manufacturers in the industry that have “soldier” and “customized” production, but with the development of the industry. As technology advances, more and more China LED Sign manufacturers have the ability to complete "customized" production! Finepixelled provides customized LED Sign service.

  Customization boom is not only reflected in the unique design LED Sign is popular, it has infiltrated the entire LED Sign manufacturing industry chain, including customized LED chip, power supply,Packaging, splicing technology, etc.

  Why choose finepixelled

  We provide solutions for LED Signs. High-quality led signs guarantees and perfect services have won praises from our customers at home and abroad. LED Signs and modules are exported to worldwide. At the same time, we provide high-quality, high-performance LED Signs wholesale and large-scale full-color display solutions.
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