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Cheap Price and High Quality LED Signs

  Not all outdoor led signs are produced equal. With so many options and features available, choosing the most appropriate led signs can be challenging. Some led signs manufactures highlight quality levels while others focus on providing the best price outdoor led signs.

  Which one would you want to look for?

  Lowest Price led signs?

  Manufacturers that market them selves by price only are typically the companies to stay away from. These types of companies come and go quickly. Manufacturers that have the cheapest led signs typically cut a lot of corners when it comes to the type of internal component they use for the led signs. This leads to low quality cheap led signs. To cover up the low quality companies use fancy marketing terms to describe and sell their led signs.

  Typically a led signs manufacturer with the cheapest prices offers:

  Bad Warranty – minimal 2 year parts warranty

  Hard to use messaging software – lack of support & cumbersome

  Lack of Quality Certifications- not UL Listed, or CE Listed

  Lower levels of brightness –only 5,000-6,000 NITS

  Long response times on parts & support

  Pixel Sharing or Virtual Resolution – software that claims to sharpen led signs images but long term will create many problems with the image clarity and life of the led modules.

  What is a high quality led signs?

  Passes Strict Tests -  before the led signs ship they should be tested for and pass the following test: Signal Integrity, Cold Start, Radiated Emissions, Thermal, Impact, Flame, Rain, Immunity, and Surge Protection tests.

  When searching for a quality led signs and manufacturer always check to see if their led signs are:

  Temperature & Climate Tested – units rated for minus -22 degree to 122 degree temperature means the manufacturer is using truly industrial grade internal components. This equals to years of reliable performance in even the harshest of environments.

  By being honest and upfront about your led signs your business will always grow and customers will trust your quality.

  Support Materials & Free Training – library of prerecorded software training videos and free live software training.

  Warranty -  minimum 2 year  warranty. Any company that handles the warranty on their own and doesn’t use a third party insurance company means the manufacturer believes in the quality of the led signs they manufacturer.

  Manufacturing Quality –manufacturing companies that are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified is a great sign of a company solid company. This type of certification is the equivalent to quality.

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