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Boston Stage Background Screen|LED Screen Rental Boston

  Boston is a rich history city,many large stage events are hosted in Boston every year. If you are looking for purshing a led screen as satge events background,make your events more visual impact, FINE PIXEL LED,led screen rental Boston suppliers can provide high reliable and factory price video screen for you!
led screen rental boston

  1,High protection:our new process technology,which is sufficient to resist the extremely harsh environment, realizing waterproof, dustproof, anti-collision, anti-UV, and avoiding to fall off the lamp.
led screen rental boston

  2,Professional display effect: ultra-high brush IC, high-quality LED chip,low-light high gray, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh, color increase and image sharpening technology,wide viewing angle, no bright dark lines, perfect visual.
led screen rental boston

  3,Safety and stability: The power supply can be quickly plugged and replaced, and the power supply is double backed up.
  4,installation and maintenance easy:standardized die-cast aluminum cabinet,fast installation, 500 * 500mm and 500 * 1000mm cabinet can achieve mutual installation;support front maintenane.

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