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Advantages of LED Screen Advertising

  Outdoor LED display acreen advantages

  1, Accurate content marketing

  With big data, you can analyze audiences that browse specific advertisements at specific times, including their age, gender, etc., as well as which stores they have taken and other information, which greatly help advertisers based on their actual geographical location and consumer behavior. It will better advertising plans, publish more effective, maximize the effectiveness of existing advertising resources, avoiding blind launches, and reducing a series of adverse effects such as urban light pollution.

  Such as: Google in some places with high traffic in London, such as subway stations, city center and other places of the led advertising screen, according to local weather, travel, sports events and mobile phone users online search, geographical location and other data, when the usera re appearing near an electronic billboard, his cell phone signal will trigger a specific advertisement, and DoubleClick's automated processing system will automatically place the corresponding advertisement content on the billboard near the user.

  2, Visual contagious

  a. LED display replaces traditional outdoor media

  With the improvement of the level of urban construction, combined with the development trend of high-definition digital outdoor media, more and more cities abandon traditional advertising carriers and choose LED displays. Compared to traditional outdoor media such as roadside billboards, high-column billboards, light boxes, and neon billboards, LED displays are not limited by size, they are thin and can be attached to various public places to display large-scale texts. Images, animations, plus natural advantages such as high brightness, full color, quick and easy advantage, can make advertising more contagious.


  Outdoor LED displays are usually DIP. With technological innovations, SMD has begun to be used in outdoor led screens. SMD can not only meet the needs of outdoor media in terms of brightness and protection level, but also compared to DIP, to enhance the production efficiency,improve reliability  and reduce costs.

  3, Interactive

  a. Multi-screen communication.

  The LED outdoor screen can not only be used as an advertising carrier, but also can spread various rich video content such as public interest, spot announcements, broadcast news, and information, breaking the play mode of outdoor commercial displays of LED display screens, and forming a new “public interest”. The outdoor media communication model of +news + information + advertising” has higher information value and stickiness for the audience.

  b. The visual performance is more diversified.

  Trend-setting visual performance new technologies will gradually be applied to the outdoor LED media.

  c. From single communication to audience participation and interaction.

  Under the support of advanced and stable broadcast control technology and monitoring technology, the LED display breaks the conventional outdoor single media application function and successfully spans from the LED 1.0 one-way propagation era to the LED 2.0 two-way interactive era. Combined with popular WiFi network, WeChat QR code, mobile phone APP, LBS positioning, and augmented reality technology, multi-screen interactive technology, facial expression recognition technology, human-screen interactive technology, etc., LED display can achieve more wonderful ideas, also Shapes its own core media value.

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