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Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Display

  Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Display

  LED displays are widely used in commercial advertising, sports events, transportation, education systems, railway stations, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, real estate markets, corporate management, and other public service venues.What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED display?LED video wall manufacturer share LED display advantages and disadvantages knowledge.

  LED display advantages:

  1, vivid colors: LED display with high-brightness, vivid color , will not hurt the human eye, the brightness is also high.

  2, long life: LED display in the same working environment , the normal life can reach 100000 hours.

  3, easy installation: Due to the LED display's own material and structure, it has light, convenient features, which provides a very convenient installation conditions.

  4, environment: the use of environmentally friendly materials, recyclable processing and reuse, will not cause pollution to the environment.

  5, hardness: LED display using FPC as the substrate, the screen body hardness.

  6, small calorific value: The biggest safety hazard of LED display is its own long time continuous work, the high heat generated will reduce the life of the equipment, and even a serious fire. LED display in the heat up and down a lot of effort, efficient heat treatment with its own electronic components is low power, heat will not be large, naturally rule out the occurrence of this hidden danger.

  7, energy-saving: Compared to the traditional LED display,full color LED display energy saving is reflected very well, low power and more significant effect. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is the first element to have.

  8, widely used: LED display because of its thin, quality and excellent results and led display price is also moderate, often used in various fields and a variety of industries, later more sophisticated, then its coverage will be more widely!

  9, security: LED display is different from the use of low voltage DC supply voltage, it is very safe in use.

  LED display disadvantages:

  1, power consumption

  2, expensive

  3, light pollution

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