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8mm LED Signs,P8 Outdoor LED billboards

  P8 Outdoor LED billboards is the distance between the LED light Bead 8mm, our outdoor SMD led screens general models have P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, etc., P8 Outdoor LED billboards is the most cost-effective one of the LED billboards,used government LED billboards, school LED billboards, stage rental LED screen, advertising LED billboards. Waterproof and windproof dustproof P8 Outdoor LED billboards is mainly used for sports, advertising, banking, securities, stations, terminals, shopping malls, postal services, telecommunications, institutions, schools, monitoring, restaurants, entertainment, business etc.

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P8 Outdoor LED billboards

  8mm outdoor led billboards applications.

  1,to promote the promotion of goods, the role of attracting customers.

  2,to play the role of foil atmosphere.Through the led billboards  can play superior leadership and a variety of VIP visit, guidance of the welcome words, all kinds of major festivals and other celebrations.

  3, to play the role of universal knowledge.(Can be used to play the enterprise products of small information, related industry knowledge);

  4, to play a warning role, often used in road traffic led navigation instructions.

  5, to play the store decoration, improve the role of enterprise grade.

  6, to play the role of bulletin board.(Promotion, recruitment information release);

8mm led screen

  P8 Outdoor LED Billboards features

  Good effect : adopt the Non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer, the level is stronger;

  High brightness: ultra-high brightness led, the sun under the strong light is still clearly visible;

  Strong reliability: Using a variety of scanning and modular design, reliability, stability;

  Color Consistency: automatic filling machine, improve the flatness of the module.

  Good flatness: The flatness of the module installation surface is controlled in ± 0.1mm;

  High uniformity: The led screen color uniformity is very high, the display picture is more exquisite;

  Less power failure: P8 Outdoor LED billboards  switching power supply significantly increased efficiency, reduce the power failure;

  The wide viewing angle, led screen angle is bigger, any angle view picture all can distinguish clearly;

  Diversity of content: Display mode variety (graphics, text, three-dimensional, two-dimensional animation, television screen, etc.), and support a variety of formats, support more than a variety of foreign signal access, can be live broadcast;

  Rich color: By the three primary colors (red, green, blue) billboards unit box composition, so that the electronic screen to achieve the billboards of rich color, high saturation, high resolution, billboards a high frequency of dynamic images;

  Easy to operate: The use of universal video playback software, so that the system is very convenient operation, and asynchronous compatibility, even if the control of the computer failure, can also work properly;

        LED billboards manufacturers to make finished products in the aging 24-hour trouble-free warehousing, to ensure that customers use at ease.

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