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LED Signs Troubleshoot-Tips to fix a LED screen flicker

  Although the LED screen flashing is not a big problem, but it is an annoying problem, not only affects the image quality of the led screen, but also affects the viewer's enthusiasm, if the LED screen is flashing, what is the reason? What is a good solution? LED screen manufacturers share some knowledge for you.

  First, the LED screen flashing

  1. The driver loader is wrong.

  2. The network cable between the computer and the screen is too long or the network cable is faulty.

  3. The sending card is broken.

  4. The control card is bad. Check if the  light on the control card is on. If it is off, it will be broken.

  5. The connection between the power supply and the control card is short-circuited.

  6. The output voltage of the power supply is unstable, and the power supply with the control card must not carry too many led module.

  Second, LED screen flashing solution

  1, if it is the entire screen is blurred, shadow, generally the driver loader is wrong, re-check the driver loader.

  2, may be a send card is broken, you need to replace the sending card.

  3. If it is an irregular flash, it is generally a frequency problem. adjust the setting parameters!

  4, if it is a little of flashing, may be a graphics card driver problem, may be the sending card resolution settings.

  5. Another is the problem of power supply (insufficient power supply and electromagnetic interference). When designing a PCB board, more consideration should be given to the wire diameter of the power supply and signal traces, and the PCB board production process. There are also some improvements in adding more capacitors to the module.

  6, if the accompanying text flashes (the text is surrounded by irregular white edges, irregular flashing, text disappears after disappearing), this is a graphics card settings problem, in the display properties to cancel the "menu display shadow", "edge smooth transition effect".

  LED screen is mainly arranged by RGB (red, green, blue) three color modules according to certain specifications, through the IC controller to achieve the desired display.

  Third, when the LED screen shows a red screen

  1. Check whether the cable or power cable is connected;

  2. Check whether the first input PC board is broken;

  3, red screen phenomenon will appear when the sending card is in the test state;

  4, may be a series module short circuit caused by green and blue dot matrix is ​​not lit, all red, resulting in red block;

  5. The error of the IC controller causes the green and blue display to be incorrect, and the single display of red causes the red block phenomenon.

  Under normal circumstances, there is rarely a whole red screen phenomenon, if it is a whole red screen, no doubt is that the IC controller is broken, should contact the LED screen manufacturers in time, replace the IC controller to normal operation.

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