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LED Panel Control Card Type and Function

  LED panel control system, also called LED asynchronous controller, is the core component of LED graphic display. The LED panel controller is responsible for receiving the screen information from the serial port of the computer and putting it into the frame memory. The serial display data and the scanning control sequence required for the LED panel according to the partition drive method are the core of the LED display screen. part.


  Simply divided into: single and double color control card, multi-color control card, full-color control card

LED panel control card
Tips:How To Calculate The Number Of LED Screen Control Cards

  With the rapid development of LED panel in the past two years, the market for LED control cards has also become even wider.  U disk LED control cards can be used with serial ports. Connect the computer, you can also use U disk to transfer information, save the computer, free wiring, support analog clock, water frame.

  The development of LED panel has gradually entered the civil use, such as the various types of storefront door screens, indoor and outdoor square screens, and various other bar screens. U disk LED control card to solve this problem, the use of U disk this is the most common and inexpensive information transmission media tools, even if the user does not have a computer can also use Internet cafes, home or friend's computer to compose content to update the display content, U The disk does not need to be plugged into the display or its extension line. After a few seconds, the information is stored in the screen and the USB flash drive can be removed. U disk LED control card has a common serial port communication function, users who want to use computer direct communication can be directly connected to use. U disk transfer LED panel content, and has gradually been applied to LED panels across the country.

  The LED panel mainly displays various characters, symbols and graphics. The screen display information is pre-loaded into the frame memory of the LED panel screen by the computer via the RS232/485 serial port, and then displayed on a screen-by-screen basis and circulated. The display is colorful and the display works offline. Due to its flexible control, convenient operation and low cost, LED panel has a wide range of applications in various industries.

  Synchronous LED control card, mainly used for real-time display of video, graphics, notifications and so on. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large-screen display. Synchronous LED control card system control LED panel screen is basically the same as the computer monitor, it maps the image on the computer monitor in real-time corresponding to at least 60 frames/second update rate, usually with multi-gray color display capability. , can achieve the effectiveness of multimedia advertising. Its main features are: real-time, rich performance, more complex operations, and high prices. A set of synchronous LED panel control card system is generally composed of a sending card, a receiving card, and a DVI video card.

  Asynchronous LED panel control card, also known as offline LED control card or offline card. Mainly used to display a variety of text, symbols and graphics or animation. The screen display information is edited by the computer and pre-input into the frame memory of the LED panel via the RS232/485 serial port, and then it is displayed on a screen-by-screen basis. The display is colorful and varied. Its main features are: simple operation, low price, and a wide range of use. Simple asynchronous LED control card can only display digital clock, text, special characters. In addition to the functions of a simple control system, the graphic and asynchronous asynchronous LED control card has the biggest feature that it can control the contents of the display screen in different regions.

  LED panel main models:

  Different manufacturer control card production models are also different. We only need to know which brand it is. Can be said as long as you can find the control card software on the line.

  Here are some common manufacturers such as: BX, ZH, EQ, LINSN, KALAITE, LINXING, FEIDU, DEPUDA, Liyan and so on.

  How to check the control card model

  If you have control software on your computer, you can search for the company of the card by searching for the name of the software on the Internet and call their technical support to help you solve the problem. If there is no software, you can go to the left side of the LED screen or the right side of the LED screen to find the control card, there must be a model above, write it down and search it online.

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