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LED Display Cabinets

Choosing the best LED screen China needs various factors to be considered. One of the most important factor is sign’s cabinet structure. There are different types of cabinets. A proper LED sign cabinet should be carefully chosen based on the size, installation elevation, accessibility, installation type as well as communication method. The main concerns about the cabinets types are related to repair and maintenance. Considering relatively high price of labor, lift equipment, transportation, work permits and more, a properly chosen LED sign cabinet can significantly save the repairs and services costs. In following you can find the LED cabinets we use in our LED sign products.

Outdoor Back Maintenance

Font open cabinets are designed in two parts. The back side of the cabinet can be attached to the wall or any structure, while the front part can be lift up easily for service. This type of LED cabinet is suitable for any case without space in the back side of the cabinet like wall installation or installation on structure. Double-side led screen with no space between the two sides are another application of open front cabinets.LED Screen Cabinets

Outdoor Front Maintenance

Front maintenance LED screen is an electronic sign consists of a matrix of individual LED lights (LED pixels) that make image, text or video together. LED pixels are placed very close together and from relatively far distance the eyes won’t be able to see the gap between the pixels result in an acceptable image quality with minimum pixilation. Compare to LCD digital signage (like TV), LED displays and LED displays provide lower resolution due to lower number of pixels. But, brightness and colour production is much more eye-catching which is necessary for outdoor and behind the window digital signage.

Die-Casting Aluminium LED Cabinet

The most important factor of LED screen is viewing distance. If your screen will be viewed from long distance by people in the car driving fast then you need a big character size to make it readable. As a rule of tomb you need at least 2 inch of character height for each 100ft of viewing distance to make it readable. For full-colour sign with image and video support you may need bigger size to make better impact on viewer.


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