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How To Calculate The Number Of LED Screen Control Cards

  we usually use the control card to control the LED display, but how many modules can be controlled by a control card? The led display manufacturers share to control the number of LED modules.

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  Take the outdoor LED display as an example: To make a 16:9 ratio P10 outdoor full-color LED display, calculate that the length of the display is 8 meters, width is 4.5 meters, P10 LED outdoor The color module size is 320*160mm, the number of module lengths is 8/0.32=25, the module width is 4.5/0.16=28, and the width of the display screen is: 0.16*28=4.48 Meters, LED display area: 8*4.48 = 35.84 square meters.

  If the cabinet is used: 960*960=28 cabinets, 640*960=8 cabinets, 960*640=7 cabinets, 640*640=2 cabinets.

How To Calculate The Number Of LED Screen Control Cards

  P10 outdoor LED full color module has 32 points of width, 16 points of high, taking the Linsn receiving card as an example: long can control 256 points, the height can control 384 points, that is  the receiving card length can control 256/ 32 = 8 modules, high control: 384/16 = 24 modules, when made 960 * 960mm cabinet, there are 3 modules, 6 modules high, it is clear that a receiving card With a cabinet more than enough, this is called a cabinet of a card, in general, we do not recommend a receiving card to control 2 cabinetes, (especially the cabinet with a back door, if a receiving card with 2 cabinetes, The back door will not be able to close, so using a cabinet with a back door will make no sense. So there are 9 cabinetes that need to receive nine cards, and 5 cabinetes that need 5 cards, so a total of 9*5 = 45 piece.

  If it is made into indoor P10 LED screen, when the cabinet is not needed, the screen needs to receive the card: 25/8=3.125, rounding, forward one, ie, 4 piece, the screen height needs receiving card: 28/24=1.67 , that is, 2 piece, so a total of 4*2 = 8 receiving cards.

  The sending card length can control 2048 points, the width can control 640 points, the length of the display screen has 25 * 32 points = 800 points, the width of the display screen has 28 * 16 points = 448 points, so a sending card sufficient. However, if the LED screen area is 120.32 square meters, the length is 15.04 meters, and the height is 8 meters, the calculation method is as follows:

  The number of modules required by screen length: 15.04/0.32=47 piece

  The number of modules required for screen height: 8/0.16=50 piece

  The number of module points required by screen length: 47 piece * 32 points = 1504 points

  The number of module points required for screen height: 50 piece * 16 points = 800 points

  Number of sending cards required by screen length: 2048/1504 = 1 sending card

  Number of Sending Cards Needed for Screen Height: 800/640 = 1.25 Sending Cards

  (15 and 8 are the length and height of the screen, 0.32 and 0.16 are the length and height of the module, 32 and 16 are  a module's long and high pixel, 2048 and 640 are the sending card length and height. The number of points that can be brought)

  From the above calculations, we can see that one sending card is required for the long and two sending cards are required for the high. When the latter has a decimal point, So you need 2 send cards.

  Receiving card or according to 1 cabinet 1 card to calculate, a total of: 144 receiving card, as shown below:

How To Calculate The Number Of LED Screen Control Cards

  However, if you replace the indoor P10 LED screen, if you do not use the cabinet, you still need to send 2 cards, the number of receiving cards is as follows:

  Screen length required number of receiving cards:

  1504/256 ≈ 5.8 piece, rounding, followed by a decimal, all forward 1, that is 6 receiving cards

  The required number of receiving cards for screen height: 800/384 = 2.08, rounded up, that is, 3 receiving cards.

  So the total number of cards to be sent: 6*3=18 piece

  When the LED display area is large, generally more than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use the cabinet is better, for the security of the led display will be better, between a few square meters to 10 square meters, you can only Use LED modules. However, when the area is more than 10 square meters, it is recommended to use the cabinet, because the loading capacity of the LED module is too light to support the load bearing of the large  LED screen and it is easy to cause the accident of the screen drop, so should be taken to avoid irreparable situations that do not seem to be coveted for a short period of time.

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